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Xbox Series X/S update lets you see which games you can Quick Resume

And delete save states to free up space.

By Tom Phillips. 20/04/2021

Microsoft is making Quick Resume easier to manage with a new update for Xbox Series X/S.

The update, available now to early testers in the Alpha Skip-Ahead group, lets you see all games which currently support Quick Resume from your Guide.

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In your Groups list, you'll also be able to see all games with which you currently have a Quick Resume state saved - visible in My Games & Apps, or you can add this your home screen.

From there, you can also delete Quick Resume saves for games you no longer need, freeing up space in the process. Here's a look at that, as shared on Twitter by Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie:

The new feature is one of several changes rolling out to Alpha Skip-Ahead users detailed in a new Xbox Insider blog post. Another addition is the option to enable audio passthrough in media apps.

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Not an Xbox Insider? These features will roll out to you in time, too. Another blog post has rounded up several of the recently-tested features now released publicly, such as the ability to suspend your games and speed up downloads.