WipEout HD stars in PS Store update

Mega Man 9, Burnout Paradise, more.

WipEout HD is the star of the PS3 Store update this week, after racing away with a very special 9/10 from Eurogamer. And with a price tag of only GBP 11.99, we thoroughly recommend.

There's also Mega Man 9, the long-awaited next instalment in the 2D platforming series about a man with a gun as an arm. Designed to a retro tee, and costs GBP 6.99. Also comes as a trial version for those unwilling to take the monetary plunge, or you can check out our review next week.

Burnout Paradise makes its debut as a downloadable title, too. Included are all the various content updates made so far, wrapped up in a GBP 24.99 price tag. Only costs USD 30 across the pond, which seems a bit unfair.

There's extra questions for Buzz! QuizTV as well; based around videogames, and yours for GBP 3.49.

On top of that are demos for Mercenaries 2 and Beijing 2008, plus a free add-on for High Stakes Poker.

Not content? Good, as there are some Rock Band songs by bands we've never heard of. "Chiron", "This Calling" and "Two Weeks" by All That Remains are available as a pack for GBP 1.69, or individually for GBP 0.69.

Or, for Rush fans, there's "Limelight", "Red Barchetta", "The Corner Eye", "Tom Sawyer", "Vital Signs" and "Witch Hunter". Each costs GBP 1.49.

Last but not least are PSP games Burnout Legends (GBP 14.99) and Burnout Dominator (17.99), plus themes for BioShock and Fallout 3.

That's more like it.

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