Warhawk gets more new bits

Fresh maps, server options, etc.

Man and Warhawk game director Dylan Jobe has made good on his promise from Friday that he would return to tell us all about patch 1.2.

The best bits in it are fresh layouts of existing maps that are geared towards smaller games for four to eight of you, as well as fancy new clan and Buddy list options for servers so you can restrict who joins your games.

Those maps that have been fiddled with to be a little more constricted are Island Outpost: Standoff, The Badlands: South City, Destroyed Capitol: Garden Showdown and Archipelago: Close Corridors.

Meanwhile those of you in clans can now set the names of teams playing as Eucadian and Chernovan forces, and you will be automatically sorted when the match starts. You will also only be able to join the game if you belong to one of the two clans.

Buddy battles work in a similar way and restrict your game to people on your PSN friends list.

Buying things from the Warhawk Store will now be doable in-game, and it looks like a new Booster Pack is in the works - although Jobe was reluctant to say anything more than that.

Also inside 1.2 are server filters so you can find what you are looking for more quickly, automatic kicks for people idling and clogging up battles, and DualShock 3 support for that badly kept secret.

There are lots of tweaks to read about and pictures of the new map layouts over on the official US PlayStation blog.

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