Last Remnant PC activation issues

Steam authentication required but denied.

The PC version of The Last Remnant, which launches today in Europe, cannot be played nor installed as far as we - and a Eurogamer reader with the same problem (and an entire Steam forum with the same problem) - can ascertain.

The problem revolves around Steam, with which the game needs to be activated using a registration code found on the back of the manual.

Any attempt to do so, however, is met by the following message: "The Last Remnant has not been officially released, and cannot be unlocked at this time. Please check Steam news to find out the release time. Steam will notify you when the game becomes unlocked."

Worryingly, The Last Remnant is not due for launch on Steam until 9th April, when it will become the first Square Enix game on the digital distribution service.

Square Enix was unavailable to tell us whether we will have to wait until then to activate and play the game. We'll keep chasing them. It's not like we can sit here playing the game after all.

Thanks to Eurogamer reader John Garbutt for pointing this out.

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