Sony to offer digital PSP game rentals?

They're certainly quizzing consumers on it.

Sony could launch a subscription-based digital game rental service for the PSP, according to a questions that appeared in a recent consumer survey.

As reported by Joystiq the survey is polling PSP owners on various subscription options for a games-on-demand service. "The service will enable you to download a fixed number of games during your subscription period," the survey says. You'd have the option to choose new titles once the subscription period - which may be weekly, monthly or otherwise - has ended.

"At launch there will be an extensive catalogue of games to choose from, with more titles being added to the catalogue each month," apparently.

It's all more fuel to the fire that Sony is about to unveil a new PSP with a hard drive instead of a UMD player. Here's hoping we'll find out if there's any truth to the rumours at E3 next month.

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