Rocketmen: Axis of Evil in March

On Live Arcade and PSN. Excited.

Capcom has told Eurogamer that Rocketmen: Axis of Evil will be released on Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in March.

Recent interviews with game producer Tim Innes pointed to February or March, but we've now had official confirmation and can puff chest out.

Review code has popped through our door too, so you can expect a full verdict as soon as Tom sorts it out.

Rocketmen is a two-stick shooter for up to four of you (on or offline). Yes it is a bit like Monster Madness what was a bit like Gauntlet but with guns.

Here you will be able to design and build your own unique character and boost your abilities by besting a host of mini-games. It all looks a bit comic-book and we are really rather excited. Plus, "huge bosses".

Cast your eyes over the Rocketmen: Axis of Evil gallery to see what we really mean.

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