Realtime Worlds shows new social game

"What if Nintendo built Google Earth?"

APB developer Realtime Worlds has given the first glimpse of Project: MyWorld, a social game set in a 3D recreation of the real world that players help build themselves.

"What would it look like if Nintendo built Google Earth?" reads the blurb on the game's site.

"Project: MyWorld turns the real world into a fun 3D social gaming experience. Project: MyWorld is a virtual recreation of the real world combined with 3D gaming and social media. It is the next generation of social gaming."

Going by the video, Project: My World is based on a map of the real world, and features recreations of cities like London, including famous buildings like Buckingham Palace.

Players can construct and customise their own buildings, buy and sell properties, share and interact with friends using Twitter and Facebook integration, and play games. The video shows cars racing, a plane flying over London and a boat fishing on a lake. There's also a mention of a fighting game.

Realtime plans to let everyone play Project: MyWorld "early next year" and is openly appealing for game publishers and social gaming or media companies to get in touch. No format is mentioned. Sign up for announcements if you're interested in joining the closed beta.

I can see my house from here!

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