RACE Pro set for February

SimBin speeder for Europe first.

Atari has set a 13th February 2009 release date for the Xbox 360-exclusive RACE Pro.

That's a weekend's head start on America, where the game hits shops on 17th February. This gives us plenty of time to practice and put our foreign friends to shame, like we do in the rowing and, er, cycling. Pip pip.

Atari has a demo planned for "late January", too.

Developed by Swedish outfit SimBin, RACE Pro sticks to the authentic side of motoring, where gears can be calibrated and corners require caution not carelessness.

The studio's responsible for the well-received GTR series, and our hands-on impressions of RACE Pro suggest this is another tip top affair.

Our RACE Pro gamepage has much more, like pictures. (And we do like pictures).

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