PS3 Fallout 3 post-campaign play unlikely

Bethesda not emulating PC/360 DLC effect.

Bethesda has no plans to let PS3 owners play Fallout 3 past the conclusion of the main quest.

All versions of the post-apocalyptic RPG currently end at this point. However, PC and Xbox 360 fans will be able to continue their adventures with downloadable content Broken Steel in March.

But when asked by MTV Multiplayer whether a PS3 patch re-opening the content might be offered, Bethesda's Todd Howard was clear: "Not at this time, no."

Broken Steel will be the third lump of extra content for PC and Xbox 360. The first batch, Operation: Anchorage, goes live tomorrow for 800 Microsoft Points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60).

This transports adventures back to a pre-apocalypse Alaska through a military simulator designed to teach soldiers how do deal with Chinese invaders.

As such, the battle of Anchorage will be the setting and there will be strict simulation rules to abide by, such as a pre-determined set of equipment. But, as a reward, there will be unique weapons and items to collect and keep, plus a fancy perk to perk you up.

Look out for our thoughts on Operation: Anchorage this week.

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