Peter Crouch Achievement in FIFA Street

We thought you'd want to know.

People's Hero Peter Crouch is a benevolent sort, so when EA asked him if he wanted to be in FIFA Street 3 looking like a Barbie doll that's been in a microwave for 8 minutes, he had no problem with that. However, it turns out that EA has honoured his sacrifice with a specific Peter Crouch Achievement on Xbox 360.

This isn't news exactly - the Achievement list for FIFA Street 3 has been public knowledge for a while - but it felt like such a massive cultural event that we could not let it pass by without acknowledgement.

"Hat Trick Hero" is the Achievement, which involves scoring a hat-trick with Crouch in any game mode except Practice. Sadly this does mean that you can cheat and just pick him in the England team in one of the head-to-head modes, rather than scoring 20 Gamebreaker goals to unlock his "Team C", but we like to think people will honour the People's Hero by putting in the requisite time anyway.

After all, Crouch himself had to put in his time at rubbish clubs like Dan-who-puts-the-screenshots-up's Aston Villa before he was able to realise his full potential by spectacularly almost qualifying England for Euro 2008.

For additional Crouchigols, YouTube is your friend. FIFA Street 3 is out on PS3, 360 and DS next Friday, with a review going up soon.

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