PC Saboteur sabotaged by ATI cards

NVIDIA must be delighted.

The PC version of stealthy openworld World War II game The Saboteur does not work with ATI graphics cards. At all.

Official game forums are awash with complaints (spotted by Kotaku), so much so that digital distributor Direct2Drive now carries a warning for all prospective buyers.

EA is apparently "digging into the issue" and has found a workaround to enable The Saboteur to run while a proper fix is found.

This, not ideally, involves turning multiple CPU support off. To find out how this is done check The Saboteur "ATI Graphic Issues" forum post.

The Saboteur, Pandemic's swansong before EA-closure, was released last Friday. Attractively, the game presents a World War II, Nazi-occupied Paris, which you - an Irish mechanic - must liberate (from black-and-white into colour) by sneaking around and hitting people over the head with socket-wrenches, probably.

You could do worse, Eurogamer's review of The Saboteur pointed out.

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