More DOA from Itagaki?

Plus: DOA4 demo now on Live.

Tecmo Team Ninja boss Tomonobu Itagaki has hinted that he might make another Dead or Alive beat-'em-up once he's done with Dead or Alive X2.

Speaking to 1UP, Itagaki said, "When I play DOA4 online simply as a gamer in my own right, I occasionally have times when I think I should have done something differently."

"At the moment, I am making several other games; after I have brought those to completion I will be more ready to talk about the future of Kasumi and company," he added.

The news comes as a demo of Dead or Alive 4 finally takes its place on Xbox Live Marketplace in all regions, weighing in at 680MB. It's certainly taken a while - even in Europe, the game was released on January 27th.

Itagaki told 1UP that the demo's release timing was aimed at encouraging newcomers to 360 to try it out.

The demo features two playable modes - Versus and Time Attack, each with Single Battle and Tag Battle game types - played on five of Itagaki's favourite stages with six characters to choose from. Those being Kasumi, Ryu, Lisa, Tina, Brad Wong and Eliot.

The full game features plenty more, of course, along with online multiplay options. You can read more about it in our lengthy review.

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