Super Monkey Ball saves lives

Well, potentially, anyway.

A new study has revealed that surgeons could perform better if they enjoy a quick gaming session before entering the operating theatre.

According to CNN, more than 300 surgeons took part in the study, which was conducted by the Beth Israel Medical Center in New York.

Some of the surgeons were asked to play Super Monkey Ball for 20 minutes before performing a surgical drill, while others went straight into the operation without a warm up.

Researchers discovered that those who had played the game completed the procedure 11 seconds faster than those who hadn't, on average. And what's more, they made fewer mistakes.

The man behind the study, Dr James "Butch" Rosser, is hoping to develop a simulator to help train surgeons. He wants to clamp down on medical errors, which contribute to an estimated 100,000 deaths a year in the US. "We can't practice on patients," Rosser said reassuringly.

Why he doesn't just make them all play Trauma Center is anyone's guess.

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