Polarium update touches DS

Puzzler gets a pseudo-sequel.

Nintendo DS puzzler, Polarium, will be getting updated thanks to Nintendo Japan.

Not too long after the announcement of a Game Boy Advance version, Nintendo will be following up its DS tile-flipping original with what will effectively be the same game. But with Pokemon characters instead.

Oh, wait, sorry, no Pokemon. There'll actually be new puzzles 365 to be precise and a time attack mode. There will also be new edit options to colour your pieces, bring the game more up to what the GBA version should be like.

There are currently no plans to release this new version (named Tsuukin Hito Fude) outside of Japan, so if you're thinking about importing the date to watch is October 13th. That's just before the Doom film opens in the US and blinds us with its glory. Bet you can smell excitement already.

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