Natal developer kit instructions leak

Needs own power source, no tilting.

Photographs of the Project Natal development kit have apparently leaked onto the internet along with handling and installation instructions.

The latter perhaps offer the most insight, explaining: "The sensor array includes a new motorised tilt mechanism. Do not manually tilt the sensor array on its base. Doing so can damage the tilt mechanism."

Apparently the pre-release version also required its own power source. In a diagram accompanying the above warning, a cable is shown emerging from the Natal camera unit and connecting to another cable which then splits - one end going to the Xbox 360 and another to a plug socket.

The setup instructions also alluded to installing "the latest XDK software" - XDK is the name of the software development kit for Xbox 360.

Check out more of the photographs, which appear to have been taken by a camera from the 1980s, over on

For more on the Natal development kit, the lag implications and the way Microsoft has chosen to demo software, check out our extensive Project Natal hands-on and tech analysis and our recent tech update.

Update: We asked Microsoft to comment and got this back: "We announced earlier this year that Project Natal will launch this holiday, and our teams are working hard to bring the best experiences to life. We have nothing further to announce at this time."

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