More Space Invaders Extreme 2 sightings

But Square Enix as quiet as a mouse.

Evidence has mounted that Taito plans to release a Space Invaders Extreme sequel for DS this year. Owner Square Enix has declined to comment.

Retailer NCSX is the latest to add a listing, following an initial outburst by Play-Asia. Both sites agree the game will go on sale from 26th March.

NCSX also offered added gameplay details, claiming Space Invaders Extreme 2 will have a bingo mode. This requires shooting aliens as they hover over certain squares that correspond to a bingo grid. Fill these spots horizontally, vertically or diagonally to win.

The first Space Invaders Extreme game launched here last July and was really rather good, despite being yet another revamp of the 31-year old IP.

Head over to our Space Invaders Extreme review for PSP and DS to find out why.

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