Maijin: The Fallen Realm announced

Looks a bit like The Last Guardian.

Namco Bandai and Game Republic have unveiled a brand new game titled Maijin: The Fallen Realm (working title).

A trailer shown at gamescom began with a warrior character wandering round the ruins of a castle. It wasn't long before he came across some spikey demon types and started battering them with a big stick.

The message "A young thief stumbles across a being of legend" scrolled across the screen. A hill in the background turned out to be a huge monster which lumbered towards the demons and started bashing them. The final shots were of the warrior and the monster wandering peacefully in the grounds of a huge castle.

Afterwards it was explained that the two characters co-operate to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. A bit like PS3 exclusive The Last Guardian, then? The game certainly looked a bit similar. Apparently it will be very much "in the Japanese style", with plenty of detail to the lush environments.

Maijin: The Fallen Realm is slated for a spring 2010 release, with platforms yet to be announced.

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