Frontier confirms LostWinds sequel

Switch seasons! Swim! Use cyclones!

Frontier has finally let the cat of the bag and revealed a sequel to LostWinds, subtitled Winter of the Melodias.

New features in the WiiWare follow-up include Toku's ability to instantly switch seasons from summer to winter - a bit like England. He can also control mighty tornadoes that smash through rocks or suck water through their spouts, and has learned to swim.

In addition, Frontier has thrown in a new in-game map and hint system, according to N-Europe's summary of Edge's reveal.

There's no date for Winter of Melodias, but Frontier apparently has "a ton" of new ideas still to ram in.

Word of a sequel spilled before the original LostWinds was even released, back in May last year - although Frontier dodged the bullet that time.

LostWinds was a shining example of what can be achieved on WiiWare, combining a full and vibrant platform game with a clever wind-drawing mechanic.

Our LostWinds review can tell you much more.

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