FaceBreaker, Madden demos on Xbox Live

Cartoon boxing and American football.

EA Sports has shuffled FaceBreaker and Madden NFL 09 demos onto Xbox Live.

FaceBreaker is boxing, but boxing in stylised trunks with cartoon muscles. Slick, humorous, and fun, we concluded in our May preview. And with plenty of Super Punch-Out panache.

The only lingering question is whether there will be enough substance behind the novelty to hold our attention, which we will address when the full game shows for Xbox 360 and PS3 this September.

Madden NFL 2009, on the other hand, is about as relevant here as football is in the US, which could be confusing.

Still, this game is as key to EA Sports in America as FIFA 08 is in Europe, and so is lavished with equal care and attention.

Both are around 1GB and available in any Xbox Live region around the world.

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