Fable II dog saved due to hate mail

At least it wasn't a bloody petition.

(Please beware that the following is a spoiler for the end of Fable II, so if you still plan to play it, do not read on!)

Peter Molyneux has said that part of the reason the Fable II dog was resurrected in the game's first downloadable content pack, Knothole Island, was "hate mail" received from fans.

As those of you who have completed Fable II will know, the game presents you with a choice between sacrificing your faithful hound for the sake of the greater good or saving him at a great cost to everyone else.

Speaking at GDC Europe last week (thanks GameSetWatch), Molyneux admitted that the angry response from some fans "got to such a furore" that the reintroduction was made in Knothole Island.

"Don't expect us to be as merciful as that in the future," he joked. Well, he was probably joking.

Speaking to Eurogamer following the release of Fable II last year, Molyneux noted that he had received "a personal email saying that I deserved to die, and that he would never buy another game ever again unless I release a patch to resurrect his dog".

Presumably the unpleasant man who wrote said email will now consider buying Fable III after all then. You can read a bit about what he might end up getting for his money in last week's Fable III preview.

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