Eternal Sonata demo on Live

Role-play sing-a-long.

Atari has whipped a new demo for Eternal Sonata up onto Xbox Live, so that those of you who were unsure about buying it last Friday can try it out.

You will be able to have a go at an early part of the adventure, following musical characters Polka, Allegretto and Beat as they make their way to Tenuto Village and Heaven's Mirror Forest.

The idea is that you will hopefully be captivated by the really rather lovely cartoon-inspired graphics, unusual but satisfying combat system, and wonderful score played by a Russian chap who can really tickle the ivories.

Eternal Sonata revolves around the legend that famous composer Frederic Chopin entered a dream world hours before he died of Tuberculosis. Here he apparently encountered lots of other people suffering from incurable diseases and embarked on a wonderful adventure.

It hit all the right notes with us, although more variety would have elevated it into the realms of an instant classic. Pop over to our Eternal Sonata review to find out why.

Eternal Sonata will also be coming out on PS3 in 2008.

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