EGTV: DAH: Big Willy Unleashed

Alien res-erection, ha ha! Oh.

The smart sci-fi spoofery of Destroy All Humans is being spun-off for younger alien watchers in Big Willy Unleashed - and THQ has released the first teaser trailer now showing on Eurogamer TV.

With the series' "next-gen" debut due later next year, Big Willy will be opting for what appears to be a more lavatorial brand of humour for its release on PS2, PSP and Wii early in 2008. It's set just before the PS3 and 360-bound Path of a Furon, with players reprising the role of Crypto.

We're not sure whether the name carries the same tumescent connotations over in Americaland as it does over here, but it offers a fair indication of the target audience, and the video bears this out with a giant mech (Big Willy) belching and farting destruction throughout a '70s-styled town, with more typical on-foot and UFO action bundled in.

Splitting the story across different games and platforms is an interesting way forward for the series, and you can get your first look at Big Willy Unleashed over on Eurogamer TV right now.

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