Disney doing Toy Story for Wii

Uses 3D glasses, party games.

Disney has unveiled a Wii-exclusive Toy Story game for release this autumn.

It's called Toy Story Mania!, and has the well-known animated film characters playing all sorts of party games at a carnival. The star attraction, we're promised, will be a shooting gallery that requires 3D glasses.

Up to four people can share the fun, and developer Papaya Studio has various but undisclosed competitive and co-operative multiplayer modes planned.

Toy Story Mania!, along with the 3D cinematic re-release of Toy Story (October) and Toy Story 2 (February 2010), will help build excitement for the summer 2010 debut of Toy Story 3 (also in 3D).

Head over to our Toy Story Mania! gallery for the first screenshots.

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