Brief Halo 3 DLC chatter

Bungie mentions three maps.

Bungie says work on "new maps for future downloadable content" is "progressing".

The latest weekly update makes mention of three, which author Luke Smith has nicknamed Jodrell Bank, Moonbase Alpha and, er, John Carpenter's Prince of Dorkness.

We'll let you scout over there to read the details by Smith's hand, since paraphrasing him is more than we can take on a Monday morning.

The developer also finally comments on last week's most space-filling story - that basketball player Gilbert Arenas "got busted for EXP boosting on Live".

You may remember that Arenas defended himself on the grounds that his cheeky ruse is "not messing with anybody". Bungie concurs: "Although it's a little sad, it's not strictly cheating at the game".

"EXP is simply a record of successful games played, and not an indicator of skill. There is nothing to be gained from boosting it other than the kind of embarrassment visited upon Mr Arenas.

"It should be noted that his skill level, 42 when we last looked, is not the result of chicanery and is an admirable skill level. It seems he just wanted the shiny epaulettes that accompany a high EXP rank."

However, it says, proper cheaters will not prosper so much as feel the thudding impact of the "banhammer". So don't get any ideas. Or if you do, lie and pretend someone made you do it.

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