Beatles DLC screws up online modes

Problem only appears to affect Europe.

Owners of The Beatles: Rock Band for PS3 are complaining they're unable to play the game online since downloading extra content.

According to a thread on the Rock Band forum, the problem only affects gamers in Europe. It appears to be connected to the release of the Abbey Road DLC and has been going on since the end of last month.

A Harmonix staff member responded to the thread, writing, "I'm checking in constantly with the team investigating this issue to try to find out what's going on... Collecting as much information and researching the potential causes will lead to an expedient fix and hopefully prevent an issue like this from occurring in the future."

The staff member requested more feedback from users and added, "I'm happy to say that Sony is actively investigating the cause of the issue with us and we're hopeful that a fix can be issued soon."

In the meantime, owners of the PS3 game might want to avoid downloading that Abbey Road DLC if they haven't done so already.

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