Battlestations: Midway demo

Live, tomorrow.

Get those periscopes up, them funny beeping noises on, and air-pump that water from the sink-chambers: we're surfacing this Battlestations Midway demo.

At least that's probably what Eidos was telling itself, before it confirmed a multiplayer sample of the game would be available on Xbox Live tomorrow.

This snippet of Midway will give players a chance to rampage around one multiplayer map, Island of Solomon, in either a fighter-plane, battleship, or submarine. It's the Americans against the Japanese, and the first nation to destroy the other's naval base, air base, and aircraft-carrier wins. Simple really, this war lark.

The full game is due for release on 9th February, for PC and Xbox 360.

Johnny Minkley recently braved the stationary plights of the HMS Belfast to bring us footage of the game for the Eurogamer TV Show - Episode 6.

You can also cast a seaworthy eye over our recent preview for the game, or simply sign up for the Navy.

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