Atari distributing Dead to Rights in the UK

New game to put IP bark on track.

Atari will be the official European distributor of Dead to Rights: Retribution later this year.

Developed by Volatile Games, Retribution will feature a mature "neo-noir" tone and a rethought hybrid combat system. Hero cop Jack Slate can drop enemies from a far by firing from cover, either blindly or taking aim. Or he can close the gap using human shields. Then, once within arms-reach, he can disarm enemies or dispatch them with brutal combos.

Players get to play as canine crime-fighting companion Shadow, too, who can stalk around and clamber into spaces unreachable by his two-legged master. Working together, Shadow can alert Jack to danger, and also flush entrenched enemies from cover.

Retribution tells the story of these two unlikely partners meeting, before the pair turn their sights on Grant City and corruption plaguing its innards.

We've no more details other than a screenshot gallery to go by, for the moment.

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