Jelly Deals: Up to 70% off PlayStation exclusives this week

Horizon Zero Dawn! Uncharted! Until Dawn!

Not satisfied with adding Bloodborne to this month's batch of complementary PlayStation Plus titles, Sony has launched a sale range built specifically out of PlayStation-exclusive titles.


For the time being, you can pick up a number of PlayStation-only games with up to 75 per cent off, directly through the PlayStation Network. If you also happen to be a PS Plus subscriber, you'll get an extra discount on selected titles.

PS4 owners have the biggest and arguably best range to choose from, including Horizon Zero Dawn for 15.99, Beyond: Two Souls for 6.49, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy for 18.49, Uncharted 4 for 19.99, The Last Guardian for 11.99, The Jak and Daxter Collection for 18.34, WipEout Omega Collection for 14.49, Nioh for 16.49 and a whole batch more.

PS3 owners, meanwhile, have access to a series of PS1 classics as low as 1.69 including the one and only Destruction Derby, all three original Crash Bandicoot games as well as Crash Team Racing. Finally, Vita owners can treat themselves to copies of Killzone Mercenary for 4.99, Tearaway for 3.99, and Uncharted: Golden Abyss for 4.99.

For what it's worth, PlayStation Plus annual memberships are discounted by 25 per cent at the moment, too, costing 37.49 for a limited time.

For other fancy things you might want to buy, feel free to check out the roundup of today's best deals over at Jelly Deals. Today's roundup has everything from Dead Cells to wireless headphones in it, which is nice.

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