Monster Hunter World gets new patch, Capcom still struggling to fix Xbox One online woes

Uragaan to have to play on your own a bit longer.

Capcom has released a new patch for Monster Hunter World on Xbox One and PS4, offering fixes for both versions of the game. Unfortunately, however, the publisher is still struggling to resolve the matchmaking issues that Xbox One players have experienced since launch.

Shortly after Monster Hunter World's arrival, many Xbox players began reporting that they would receive an error message whenever they attempted to find and join a multiplayer session. It was possible to set up a session manually among friends, but those with limited online contacts were finding themselves excluded from a core part of the game.

To its credit, Capcom acknowledged the Xbox One issues promptly, and released an update last week attempting to remedy the problems. Sadly, the patch was only partially successful, with some players reporting that their matchmaking woes remained unsolved.

Alongside today's patch, Capcom issued another statement for Xbox One players, reiterating that it is "working tirelessly on pinpointing the issues with matchmaking" on the console. "We apologize for the delay and appreciate your continued patience and support as we track down and solve these issues", it said.

The publisher has also offered several suggestions for those still struggling to play online. "If you're unable to use the Matchmake option to connect to other hunters, you may still be able to create online lobbies, join others' lobbies via Filter Search, Invite a Friend, connect via Xbox One LFG, or join hunts by using the Respond to SOS feature. It also notes that "it's been reported that some hunters have had success using the Matchmake feature after setting their NAT connection settings to Open on their Xbox One".

The publisher promises to share further developments as and when it can.

As for the patch itself, today's update provides a fix for the issue preventing some players from claiming the limited-time 5 Million Celebration Item Pack. To make up for earlier problems, the pack will now be available until February 22, 23:59pm (UTC).

Elsewhere, there are balancing changes and fixes for a variety of issues, including multiplayer squads on PlayStation 4. The full patch notes are available on Capcom's blog.

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