Destiny: The Taken King raid unlocks three days after expansion's launch

The King will fall.

Destiny's new raid unlocks at 6pm, Friday 18th September, three days after its accompanying expansion The Taken King comes out, developer Bungie has revealed on a Twitch stream.

You need The Taken King to play the six-player raid, titled King's Fall. You also need to have reached the expansion's end game section in order to access it.

The three-day wait allows players to make their way through the opening half of The Taken King first, Bungie has reasoned, rather than rush through the new campaign to play King's Fall as quickly as possible. King's Fall is set inside the Dreadnaught spaceship, a new area added to Destiny with the expansion.

Earlier comments from creative director Luke Smith that The Taken King would launch without its raid intact had caused some fans to suggest it had been subject to a delay.

But the raid's arrival mirrors that of vanilla Destiny's Vault of Glass raid, which opened up a week after the main game arrived.

Meanwhile, Destiny's big update 2.0 goes live on 8th September, a week before the launch of The Taken King. This patch replaces Peter Dinklage's voice over work with Nolan North's, revamps leveling and adds what Bungie calls the "questification" of all of Destiny.

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