Indie puzzle platformer Contrast released on Xbox One today

Retro side-scroller Another World available too.

Noir puzzle adventure Contrast goes live today on Xbox One.


The stylish indie title finally arrives on Microsoft's platform after previously being released for PC and PlayStation 4 - where it was free for Plus subscribers to download at launch.

Re-mastered retro classic Another World has also arrived for Xbox One - its 25th platform of release so far. It costs 6.39.

The 1991 cult classic is also available this week for PlayStation 3, PS4 and Vita.

Microsoft's ID@Xbox programme is gathering pace - this week also saw the launch of Zombie Driver Ultimate (an expanded port of the so-so last-gen original), and RBI Baseball 14 (currently available in the US only).

"As its name suggests, Contrast is a game of light and dark: a puzzle platformer with two well-realised female leads that occasionally buckles under the weight of its own mechanics," Stace Harman wrote in Eurogamer's Contrast review. "It's beautiful in parts, but also a little broken; I admire it for the first and can almost forgive it the second."

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