Intriguing post-apocalyptic puzzler Reset resurfaces with new gameplay trailer

Time-travelling indie adventure delivers the present.

It's been a while since we've heard anything from Reset, an atmospheric indie adventure likened by its creators to both Dear Esther and Portal.

Two-man developer Theory Interactive has finally resurfaced with a new look at the game and fresh hints at its puzzle-filled gameplay.

The trailer below shows off a dark and rain-spattered city inhabited by two exo-suited figures. The game's major twist is that both of these people are you - one you control, and another a time-travelling version of yourself required to help with the two-man puzzles.

"We had a few problems with the term 'single-player co-op experience', but we couldn't figure out a better way around it," co-creator Alpo Oksaharju told Eurogamer last year. "We hoped it would get people interested.

"The puzzles are spatial. You have to move around the world to do stuff, and move things. If you like Portal, you'll probably like this game."

Reset is due to launch on PC, although no release date has yet been set.

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