Surgeon Simulator 2013 goes to space in free DLC

Introduces "Top Secret World-Stopping Secret Content" in ARG Codename: Trisha.

Surgeon Simulator 2013's new content is out of this world... literally. Developer Bossa Studios has added an update allowing player character Nigel to continue his life-saving escapades in space. Finally, you can see what it's like to perform Brain Surgery and Kidney Surgery in zero gravity.


This latest DLC will be free for existing Surgeon Simulator 2013 owners. Otherwise you'll just have to buy the game on Steam for 6.99 / $9.99.

Elsewhere, Bossa has added "Top Secret World-Stopping Secret Content." How do you find it, you ask? It's a secret. But Bossa noted that it's part of an ARG tentatively entitled Codename: Trisha.

Some astute players have discovered that if you go in the game and dial the number for "surgery team" under the website for the game's fictitious hospital, Barnardshire General, you get a strange VHS labeled "ggn4x." Put it in the VCR and you'll see a message consisting of six blank spaces with the last two circled with a question mark hovering over them. "The ? is in your pocket," the message concludes.

What could it mean?

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