Outside Xbox details GTA's history of controversy

Plus FIFA 14 and the worst games for arachnophobes.

Hi Eurogamers, welcome again to your Saturday playlist of Outside Xbox's top videos. I'm sure we had lots to do this week besides roaming GTA 5's Los Santos causing terrible blimp accidents, but the evidence suggests otherwise.

It's Grand Theft Auto 5 week, which means that's what everyone is talking about. The game's most disturbing scene, critiqued comprehensively here on Eurogamer, has been one of the big talking points. It's strong stuff, even for a series all but defined by its tabloid-baiting content. In the video below, we look back at Grand Theft Auto history to see how this shocking mission measures up to GTA outrages of days past.

But it's not all GTA this and full frontal nudity that. The wholesome FIFA 14 is out next week, bringing a slew of improvements to ball physics, shooting, Ultimate Team and, crucially, goal celebration dances. Show of the Week runs down the new moves with which you can really rub salt in your opponents' wounds. We are terrible winners.

Finally this week, a video about a crowd-pleasing subject everyone can enjoy: terrifying spiders. Arachnophobia is the most common specific phobia, which explains why so many games feature horrible eight-legged creepy crawlies designed to poke the brain's primordial terror centre, and proves the designers involved are utter sadists. Here are the five worst offenders among spider-filled video games.

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