This is what Blacklight Retribution looks like on PS4

New gameplay, plus a lovely beard too.

In an industry that's not short on beards, it's rare to come across one that makes you stop in your tracks and just feel humbled - one that makes you just want to drop whatever's in your hands and run your fingers through its tangled beauty. So take a bow Zombie Studio's Jared Gerritzen, and be grateful that it wasn't me interviewing you - I'd have been all over you like a strokey beard rash.

Ian Higton kept his hands to himself when discovering more about Blacklight Retribution, though, and also managed to get some exclusive PS4 gameplay to boot. It looks very much like Blacklight Retribution, the free-to-play shooter that's earned a healthy following on PC since its release last year, but it looks like a very shiny version of Blacklight Retribution, so that's very much a good thing.

Oh, and they talk about beard helmets at one point, which got me all sorts of hot and bothered. Enjoy!

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