Watch us play Farming Simulator live at 5pm BST

Livestock footage.

Ian needs a bit of a calm down after yesterday's live stream of horror game Outlast, and what could be more relaxing than a spot of tractor driving and animal husbandry?

The much-mocked but secretly massively popular PC series Farming Simulator comes to consoles this week, with 360 and PS3 versions getting their European release tomorrow, and Ian will be live-streaming a go on our YouTube channel from 5pm today (6pm European time). No FarmVille, this - it's a full-on third-person open-world game, like GTA, except you'll be breeding cattle instead of banging prostitutes and legally operating heavy farm machinery rather than stealing cars. Sounds like a good time to me.

(Incidentally, the UK PR for Farming Simulator certainly didn't miss a chance to hitch his muck-spreader to the GTA hype tractor, with an email yesterday titled "New GTA launch trailer now available" - having gone ahead and renamed the game Gran Tractor Action off his own bat. Well, I clicked on it.)

Join Ian's bucolic adventures at 5pm using the handy portal embedded below - and look out for a full review of Farming Simulator soon.


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