Nintendo's paid-for StreetPass games earned £2.6m in a month

eShop 'til you drop.

Nintendo has already earned more than $4 million (£2.6m) from its four new StreetPass games, company boss Satoru Iwata has revealed.

Iwata revealed the figure to Japanese news source Tokyo Keizai Online (translated by Siliconera).

It's difficult to estimate exactly how many users this equates to because of the different pricing options, but Iwata has previously said that at least 200,000 had paid up.

The downloads - priced £4.49 each or available together in a bundle for £13.49 - became available in mid-June via a system update. 3DS owners were then prompted of their arrival when accessing the StreetPass app.

The four games - sci-fi shmup StreetPass Squad, simple strategy StreetPass Battle, horticultural sim StreetPass Garden and dungeon crawler StreetPass Mansion join the existing bitesize offerings of Puzzle Swap and StreetPass Quest.

They're all enjoyable (although Garden is a bit slow-paced) and - most importantly - offer access to a vastly-expanded range of hats and costumes for your Mii.

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