Hotline Miami 2 looks hot, is weird

Here's some fresh gameplay footage brought to you by a talking chicken.

Hotline Miami! The best game loosely inspired by a Ryan Gosling film, at least until Quantic Dream gets round to doing the adaptation of The Notebook they're destined for. And it's getting a sequel! Hotline Miami 2 is a more downbeat companion piece to Dennaton's original, and it's going to mark the end of a series that's burnt blindingly bright over two short instalments.

There was an early playable version at Rezzed just over a week back, and Ian Higton got to capture some new gameplay. He also got to speak to Jacket, the protagonist of the original, in an interview that's a little bit weird.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number's set to come out 'when there's snow falling', which I'll take to interpret as winter unless they're talking about naughty snow.

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