Fuse demo launches next week on XBL and PSN

Supports four-player online co-op or two-player splits-screen.

Ratchet & Clank and Resistance developer Insomniac will be releasing a demo of its upcoming third-person co-op shooter Fuse next week on PSN and Xbox Live.

The demo is set to premiere on 7th May, according to publisher EA. Since that's a Tuesday, it's likely referring to the North American PSN release, and will come to EU the following day on both PSN and Xbox Live.

The Fuse demo will support up to four-player online co-op or two-player splits-screen.

Perhaps Fuse's most unique feature is that players can hop between the four playable characters at will, and each has their own unique abilities. "When it comes to Fuse, the biggest thing we've noticed when sharing it with others for the first time is that playing is believing," said Insomniac CEO and founder Ted Price. "Fuse takes four player co-op in a new direction with features you won't find in other third person shooters."


Fuse is due out in Europe on 31st May, while North America gets it three days earlier on 28th May.

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