GAME to sell a range of tablets, including iPads


UK video game shop-chain GAME will soon sell an entire range of tablets in its stores.

Nine devices - including those somewhat popular iPads (iPad 4 and iPad mini included) - will appear for sale in 150 GAME stores across the land.

GAME dipped its toe in the tablet waters last autumn by stocking the shiny Google Nexus 7. So many people bought one that GAME decided to expand its tablet range.

GAME's tablet range veers towards the cheaper end of the market, with the lowest price being just £59.99.


Bloody tilt controls.

GAME's tablet range:

  • DGM T-704S (£59.99)
  • DGM T-909 (£89.99)
  • ARNOVA 10D G3 (£99.99)
  • ACER Iconia B1-A71 (£99.99)
  • ARCHOS GamePad (£129.99)
  • DGM T-1006 (£149.99)
  • ASUS Google Nexus 7 32GB (£199.99)
  • Apple iPad Mini 16GB (£269)
  • Apple iPad 4 16GB (£399)

GAME is pushing the ARCHOS GamePad, a widescreen dual-stick Android tablet. But Digital Foundry's review suggested you not buy it.

"Tablets are an increasingly popular gaming platform so it's a natural step for us to be at the heart of providing these to the UK gaming community," GAME exec Charlotte Knight said, better late than never.

"We are really excited about the GamePad, it's great to be able to offer our customers something that is not only brand new but specifically tailored to gamers."

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