First video of Diablo 3 running on PS3

What did you expect?

Diablo 3 was on shown on PS3 at PAX East at the weekend, and the first video of it in action has popped out.

It's a montage of all the different classes in the game showing what they're about: smashing this, zapping that - generally rampaging. There's even a bit of boss footage featuring Belial and Diablo.

The visual glitz and glamour of Diablo 3 running on PCs isn't there, and there's a hint of frame-rate slowdown when the screen fills up with enemies.

How the PS4 version of Diablo 3 fares, we don't know. It wasn't on show at PAX East and our man on the ground, Jeffrey Matulef, said Blizzard wasn't talking about it.

He managed to confirm that Diablo 3 definitely has no support on PS3, though. You will, however, be able to mix and match local and co-op play.

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