Mass Effect 3 nearly didn't have Tali as a squadmate

Only 18 per cent played as FemShep.

Mass Effect's fan-favourite mysterious alien mechanic Tali was nearly not an attainable squadmate in Mass Effect 3, the developer revealed earlier today at a PAX East panel attended by Eurogamer.


"We talked about not putting Tali in as a full squadmate and passionate people on the team were like 'oh, you gotta put Tali in. Tali's got to be there!' So thank Patrick Weekes and some of our writers for that," said executive producer Casey Hudson.

"We figured if he was passionate about it then there were other people passionate about it, so we put her in there."

Elsewhere, the developer released some stats about how people played Mass Effect 3 and despite FemShep being the clear fan favourite on the internet, only 18 per cent of players chose to play as her.

Other interesting stats revealed that 64.5 per cent of players played towards the Paragon end of the spectrum, 92 per cent cured the genophage, and 59 per cent of players saved the Geth.

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