Sony aiming at ~$400 for PlayStation 4 - report

I wonder what that translates to in Europe.

Oh and I so wanted Sony to try and charge $599/£425 for PlayStation 4 like it did with PlayStation 3 at launch.


"Let's see; $425, that'll be, um, £5000 please."

But according to a new report from a reputable Japanese newspaper, that's not going to happen.

Instead Sony's aiming for a 40,000 yen ($428) price tag, reported Ashai Shimbun (via GamesIndustry International).

That probably still translates to €425/£399, knowing Europe's luck.

A separate report in Japanese newspaper Nikkei said PlayStation 4 will include Gaikai technology. What, really?!

Sony's organised a special event in New York on 20th February that it's flying games press out to, for some reason. Seems like a lot of trouble to go to to unveil some new Vita games.

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