Jumpgate creators turn to Kickstarter for new project

END Games crowdfund space dogfight epic Squad Wars.

END Games, a new studio set up by the creators of popular space MMO Jumpgate, has launched a Kickstarter drive for its debut project - a "true hardcore PvP space combat" game titled Squad Wars.

According to its Kickstarter project page, if funded, it will be a free-to-play team-based title promising the "best space-based dogfighting possible".

The studio's aim is to "recreate all of the amazing moments from the greats: the incredible movies and shows we grew up with, and the armada of incredible space games that came out in the '80s and '90s." Take a look at the pitch video below for a better idea of what it has in mind.

It's the brainchild of Scott Brown and Ryan Seabury - the minds behind 2001 MMO Jumpgate and its never-completed sequel Jumpgate: Evolution. They've left Jumpgate studio NetDevil behind to set up END Games, securing talent who can collectively count Diablo I & II, Warcraft II, League of Legends, Need for Speed, Skate, LEGO Universe, Auto Assault and Rift on their CVs.

They want $250,000 of your money in the next 25 days in return for a range of reward packages and a say in how the game is developed.

At the time of writing they've managed $8274 from 139 backers.

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