Double Fine Adventure passes Day of the Tentacle budget

Full Throttle's $1.5m price tag within reach.

Double Fine's effort to fan-fund a new adventure title has now surpassed the budget of studio boss Tim Schafer's classic LucasArts point-and-clicker Day of the Tentacle.

A post on Schafer's Twitter feed earlier today read, "$1,343,061! We've passed the budget of Day of the Tentacle and are closing in on the Full Throttle budget ($1.5M). I'm adding motorcycles!"

A follow-up post clarified that the budget for Day of the Tentacle was around $600,000 - though that was way back in 1993. Grim Fandango, released in 1998, apparently cost $3 million to make.

At the time of writing, Double Fine has raised a total of $1,350,844 from 37,230 individual backers. Its initial goal was to reach $400,000, though that was overtaken in a matter of hours.

The Kickstarter page still has another 30 days left to run.

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