Discounted Final Fantasy 14 Online billing starts January 2012

A service you'll pay for?

Monthly Final Fantasy 14 Online billing returns on 6th January 2012, Square Enix has announced.

All game accounts will be suspended on 5th January to ensure nobody subscribes without explicit prior consent.

Monthly subscriptions to Final Fantasy 14 Online will be lowered from 8.99/€12.99 to 6.99/€9.99 until the late 2012/early 2013 launch of Final Fantasy 14 Online Version 2.0. This is when the much-delayed PS3 version of FF14 will appear, too.

The MMO's 90-day subscription fee has fallen from 18.87/€26.97 to 12.57/€17.97; and the 180-day fee from 34.14/€47.94 to 21.54/€29.94.

Final Fantasy 14 Online has been without a subscription fee for more than a year. Square Enix decided to waive the cost in light of a shonky launch. The free period was then extended; it's been a tough year.

But Final Fantasy 14 Online Version 2.0 hopes to change all that.

The opening FF14 Online cinematic.

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