Zavvi MGS HD Ed includes MGS1 & MGS4

PS3 Ultimate HD Collection completes series.

The Metal Gear Solid Ultimate HD Collection adds Metal Gear Solid 1 and Metal Gear Solid 4.

In total, then, you'll receive MGS4, MGS3 (Subsistence), MGS2, MGS1 (via PSN download code), Peace Walker, MG1 and MG2.

Zavvi has snapped up the world exclusive rights to the Metal Gear Solid Ultimate HD Collection. It costs 69.85.

The MGS Ultimate HD Collection is only available on PS3 at Zavvi.

Zavvi promotes a release date of 25th November. We're double-checking this with the publisher.

The Ultimate HD Collection of Metal Gear Solid comes in Steelbook casing. Each copy is individually numbered to make you feel extra special.

Five PSN art cards are thrown in for free as well.

In Japan, the standard MGS HD Collection includes a code for the Game Archives version of Metal Gear Solid 1. Presumably that's the same code offered in the Ultimate HD Collection.

The standard Metal Gear Solid HD Collection will also be available on Xbox 360.

PSP game Peace Walker in HD.

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