Borderlands 2 details emerge

Brick and pals now NPCs.

New Borderlands 2 details have emerged from US magazine Game Informer (via Gematsu).

The 2012 FPS, like Borderlands, supports four-player co-op, but this time the protagonists from the first game are NPCs.

So, four new characters are available to play as. The first is Salvador, the Gunzerker, a stocky bloke who can dual-wield any weapon in the game. There he is below.

Eridium is the new game's currency, and is used to improve weapon and vehicle statistics. The first game's three-branch skill tree returns.

Dynamic story missions aim to improve storytelling. The narrative is shaped around your approach to an objective, the magazine says.

NPCs are improved. They will converse with the player character in a more interactive manner. Enemy AI is greatly improved.

As previously mentioned there are all new weapons, but all of the guns in the first game have been scrapped. Vehicles are more varied. One shown is called the Bandit Technical.

Oh, and of course, amusing/annoying robot Claptrap is back.

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