Console TTT2 "probably not this year"

Harada says it's 80 per cent complete.

The home console version of fighting game Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will probably release in 2012.

The game hits Japanese arcades this autumn.

At least six Tekken games are in the works: Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Tekken Tag Tournament HD (as part of PlayStation 3 exclusive Tekken Hybrid), Tekken 3DS, Tekken Wii U, Street Fighter x Tekken and Tekken x Street Fighter.

Series boss Katsuhiro Harada was unable to sort the list into order of release when quizzed by Eurogamer, but did indicate that TTT2 will launch first.

"I can't tell you the order at this moment because, naturally, we haven't announced some of these release dates," he said.

"TTT2 is probably the first one people will see. It's still only 80 per cent complete, but it'll be released around fall in Japan and Asia. That'll be the first one people will see."

On the home console version: "It's really hard to say. I can't say even that'll it'll be this year. We can't really have a console version right after the arcade version. Probably not this year is the only answer."

And on the Nintendo 3DS version: "I can't say. But I am trying to go as fast as I can with this."

"I want to do some interesting things with this as well," Harada continued. "I can't talk about a whole lot right now. It won't just be Tekken in 3D. There are some other things I want to do with the overall package I will announce later."

According to Harada, there are even more Tekken games in the works at Namco Bandai.

"You might be surprised to hear that this isn't even all of what we have for Tekken," he said. "There are some things we haven't announced yet. If you heard that you probably would be quite shocked at the volume overall."

Harada told Eurogamer he is "interested" in creating a Tekken game for PS Vita. 40 million games in the Tekken series have been sold.

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