CEX will buy your Nintendo 3DS for 215

UK shop offers astonishing cash price.

Got a Nintendo 3DS? Haven't opened it yet? Changed your mind and fancy selling it for more than you bought it for? Then you're in luck. UK shop CEX will buy your boxed Nintendo 3DS for an incredible 215.

The 3DS is on sale for as little as 175 in the UK. Round our way there's a GAME next to a CEX.

To nab CEX's offer, you can either take the console down to your local store or put in a selling order online.

CEX will give you an exchange value of 220. It sells it for a whopping 280.

CEX's pricing is puzzling given the free availability of the console, which went on sale in the UK last night.

Nintendo told Eurogamer yesterday that the Nintendo 3DS will not sell out, and that there is plenty of stock to go around.

CEX's pricing lowers depending on the status of the 3DS. It'll give you 205 for an unboxed console, or 215 exchange.

European Nintendo 3DS unboxing video

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